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WSQ Social Media Marketing


Courses Included


WSQ Course RET-OTO-4007-1.1
Ace your Social Media Marketing Skill by SMTC ( 16.5hr )

Course Outline.

Section 1:
Introduction to organisational Social Media Marketing plan. Evaluate potential and
suitability of Social Media Marketing Opportunities.

Section 2 : Understanding type of Social Media Marketing platforms (Facebook) tools and their
operations. Encouraging Adoption and Use of Valued Products and Practices

Section 3 : Using Social Media for marketing purpose. Discover new methods of utilising social
media . Conducting a Social Marketing Campaign

Section 4 : Maximising returns of investments in Social Media. Monitor business outcomes of
Social Media Marketing . Monitoring progress and making adjustments in the Social Media
Marketing Campaign.


Who should attend ?
This course is designed for Participants ,Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to focus solely on setting up Facebook Business with latest tools (including Facebook LIVE features) to market products , services to clients and getting more business online.

Participants will learn the best practices used in an agency to deploy campaigns in-house


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