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Q1. Why am i not able to login . Error shown ” Error -Users already login”


You will need to clear your history, cache & cookies . Do take note you will need to login and login out using the system for security .



Q2. Why my Webcam and Microphone keep dropping (on and off )?.

It is due to your internet connection . We will advise you to put your webcam at the lowest quality


Q3. Can the Trainer/Instructor turns off the Learners/Users’ webcam ?

Yes .You are able to turn off Learners’/Users’ cameras .Click  Manage users – > lock viewers – > Locked share webcam.

Q4. Can Trainer/Instructor erases what is drawn on the whiteboard ?

Yes . You may change the drawing thickness to the max as shown below , change the colour to white and able to erase what is written on the whiteboard.   The faster way to erase off everything is to go to next blank page .

Q5. How will the Learners/Users knows when to come back to the breakout room ?

There are countdown timer in the breakout room to remind the Learners/Users on the reminding time .

Q6. How do Trainer/Instructor assigns the Learners/Users to the breakout room ?

You have to assign the Learners/Users to the designated room by dragging the Learners/Users to the designated room OR you can allow the Learners/Users to choose their own room by check on “Allow users to choose a breakout room to join”  

Q7. Can Trainer/Instructor jumps/skips the presentation slides ?

You can jump/skip the slides by using the drop-down box

Q8. When can Trainer/Instructor allow the Learners/Users to download the presentation slides ? 

When you are uploading the presentation slides ,you can click on “allow to be downloaded”

Q9. How can the Learners/Users download the presentation slides ?

The Learners/Users will be able to download the file from the bottom left of the presentation screen.

Q10. How can the Trainer/Instructor share video ?

You can click on the “+” button on the bottom->Share an external video.

Q11. How do we make the other Leaners/Users show their presentation

Click on the Learners/User name and “Make presenter”

Overview of LIVE (Virtual) functions :