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Digitalisation Transformation

Digitalisation transformation for your Training and Consulting Needs

- Learnonlin.Lessonow (LN) will solve and organise company's and organisation's Learning and Training digitalisation transformation . Be it for their internal and external training , consulting and learning in the shortest time and effectively with technology.

- LN is designed and built to enabling Organisation, Companies, Schools and Institutions to expand their reach, to ignore borders, and to access relevant real-time answer to their quest for knowledge .

-The Solution / Platform will allow Organisation,Companies, Schools and Institutions to do remotely consulting , training for their staffs and clients locally and oversea.

-With that , our solution/platform will also able to assist the companies and organisations of the following :

• Low or no rental with unlimited E-learning and Virtual LIVE sessions .
• Real time access to solution of learning and training challenges.
• Bit Size , Full Size E-learning and LIVE Learning.
• Enable cross borders online training and LIVE Training.
• Reduce wastage in commute time and expenses.
• Allows well managing , sharing and storage of learning resources.
• Online administrative tools to facilitate easy payment.
• 3R system to enable recording of lessons for recycling, refining and relearning.
• Simple and user-friendly interface for building curriculum lessons plan

Platform ( Immediate Digitalisation transformation )

Solution ( White Labelling with Customisation )

Coming on board to transform your training and consulting online with us.

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Learning Management & LIVE Training and Consulting System

$30,000(May apply for grant)

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