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All about the game of Badminton

If you are a beginner in badminton, this course provides you with everything you need to know about the game.

Lego Intermediate

Stag Match – Lego (Intermediate))

This course is LEGO (Intermediate) course. Each Lesson is approx 90 mins. This is a blended learning course.

Create your own Web based APP using WordPress for Beginner

This is a step by step guide to create a free website using WordPress. This is a 60days subscription course. It will expire in 60days.

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Meeting Unicosobreviviente

SEM Written Assessment

This is a 60 Mins Assessment

Teach on LearnCourseOnline!

Welcome to LearnCourseOnline!

Here is a short description

Search Engine Marketing

This is an Elearning component for Search Engine Marketing Specialist by SMTC (WSQ Level 4)

LCO Demo

Short desciption of the course

Basic Driving Theory Test

Short Course Description

Basic Mathematics

Introduction and basic mathematics questions for P1-P6

FC Course Demo


A short quiz on Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing. What are the key differences and how can you benefit from this knowledge.