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Kids (Ages 1-3)

Roblox – Level 1 – Beginner

Welcome to the world of Roblox coding! In this beginner-level online course, you'll learn the fundamentals of coding while creating exciting projects within the Roblox platform. Whether you're new to coding or already have some experience, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills to bring your own Roblox creations to life. Each lesson includes hands-on projects and quizzes to help reinforce your learning.

SMET Edison

SMET Edison Beginner (Part 1)(Demo)

Students will learn simple and beginner coding logic and apply on to the robot. This is the basic coding skill where all the programmer needs. ​ Newbie– Edblock​ Beginner – Edscratch​ Intermediate - EdPy

Edison Newbie

Fun Robotics for tomorrow's inventor.

Basic Training

This training module is a solution prototype for Gladwell Engineering for Junior Engineers

Growth Marketing

The Growth Marketing programme helps companies to drive growth in both marketing and sales in a well aligned system. It addresses the scalability in growing revenue through sustainable marketing and sales efforts.

Introduction to Motion Graphics

By ITE Education Services

Innovative Microbit

Mental Health for Coping with Stress and Anxiety (Coronavirus)

This course will allow you better to understand the importance of mental health, coping with stress, and being "reborn" as we go into the endemic phase of Covid-19. This couse is proudly created by Squadza Private Limited.

WRS 1_2022_Edison Theory Assessment_2022

Part 1 of 2 WRS Level 1 (Edison) . This is the Theory Assessment. You have 30 mins to complete all 25 questions.

WRS_2_2022_Edison Theory Assessment_2022

Part 2 WRS Level 2(Edison). This is the theory assessment. You have 30mins to complete all 20 questions.

Humanoid with Micro:Bit

Getting introduced to Robotics and Coding a Humanoid Robot with Micro:Bit

Coding with Artificial Intelligence

Self learning course based on programming in AI/ML for student age 8 to 14.

Fun Edison (Changi Airport Workshop)

This is a workshop conducted by Stag Match Learning Centre

Project Expeditus: Your Ultimate Guide To Procrastination

Hello everyone! 🤩 This video is your ultimate guide to procrastination! 📌 It covers everything you need to know about procrastination from what is procrastination and the three types of procrastinators to how to curb procrastination! 😌 If you have any feedback regarding this video in particular, feel free to send it at https://tinyurl.com/vidfeedbackform !! You can remain anonymous and all your answers will be kept strictly confidential. 🥰 Furthermore, if you have any feedback for us regarding this youtube channel, feel free to send it at https://tinyurl.com/ytfeedbackform !! You can remain anonymous and all your answers will be kept strictly confidential. 😚 Do follow us on Instagram @proj.expeditus (https://www.instagram.com/proj.expeditus) and visit our website at https://tinyurl.com/projectexpeditusw... !! If you would like to try our “What type of procrastinator are you?” quiz, here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/projectexpeditusquiz !! This quiz is also available on our website. Have fun trying it out and remember to apply the personalised solutions given to you! 💌 Credits: Music by VLLO App

WSQ Business Data Analytics

Data analytics enables businesses to understand the current market scenario and change the process or trigger a need for new product development that matches the market needs. This is one of the industry 4.0 top skills sets that are required for one to be employable too. The targeted sector will be for those in the information and communication industry that stretches from telecommunication to digital marketing organizations. The targeted job roles would be for entrepreneurs, sales and marketing executives and business analyst mostly. The reason why they need this module is that it is one of the core skills today for them to perform better in their job and this module enables them to have better practical hands-on to interpret numbers, analyze data and present the findings to the classmates (a.k.a. stakeholders).