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Project Expeditus: Your Ultimate Guide To Procrastination

Hello everyone! 🤩 This video is your ultimate guide to procrastination! 📌 It covers everything you need to know about procrastination from what is procrastination and the three types of procrastinators to how to curb procrastination! 😌 If you have any feedback regarding this video in particular, feel free to send it at https://tinyurl.com/vidfeedbackform !! You can remain anonymous and all your answers will be kept strictly confidential. 🥰 Furthermore, if you have any feedback for us regarding this youtube channel, feel free to send it at https://tinyurl.com/ytfeedbackform !! You can remain anonymous and all your answers will be kept strictly confidential. 😚 Do follow us on Instagram @proj.expeditus (https://www.instagram.com/proj.expeditus) and visit our website at https://tinyurl.com/projectexpeditusw... !! If you would like to try our “What type of procrastinator are you?” quiz, here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/projectexpeditusquiz !! This quiz is also available on our website. Have fun trying it out and remember to apply the personalised solutions given to you! 💌 Credits: Music by VLLO App

WSQ Business Data Analytics

Data analytics enables businesses to understand the current market scenario and change the process or trigger a need for new product development that matches the market needs. This is one of the industry 4.0 top skills sets that are required for one to be employable too. The targeted sector will be for those in the information and communication industry that stretches from telecommunication to digital marketing organizations. The targeted job roles would be for entrepreneurs, sales and marketing executives and business analyst mostly. The reason why they need this module is that it is one of the core skills today for them to perform better in their job and this module enables them to have better practical hands-on to interpret numbers, analyze data and present the findings to the classmates (a.k.a. stakeholders).

Sample badge and certificate

You will get a badge/certificate after completing this course.

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th), is an opportunity for everyone to focus public attention on the needs of people at risk of suicide, suicide attempt survivors and people bereaved by suicide. Mental health is a serious topic that isn’t discussed enough, and the increasing pressures of our personal and professional lives can lead to moments of hopelessness. One in every 100 deaths worldwide is the result of suicide, and every 40 seconds, one person dies by suicide all over the world. The full webinar will be available from 10 Sep 2021, 7PM (SGT, GMT +8) onwards. To view, click on the thumbnail on the left! (No sign-up required)

Become RPA Business Analyst

Introductory level (UiPath) - Learn what is Robotic Process Automation and the qualifying criteria for automation

A Maths Practice Papers

LCO does not own any of the papers. This is done for the benefit for students who would like to have a more practices only.

E-Learning : 101 Manage Your E-Commerce Masterclass (WSQ Level 4)

This is an Elearning component for 101 Manage Your ECommerce Masterclass by SMTC (WSQ Level 4).

E-Learning : A Strategic Social Media Masterclass (SMMA) (WSQ Level 4)

Elearning Day 3: Learn all about social media strategies and analysing them to identify opportunities (WSQ Level 4).

Coding with SCRATCH 3.0

Coding to help your child better prepare them in programing knowledge as coding learning will be deemed as a compulsory subject in MOE primary and secondary schools.

How To Make Healthy Overnight Oats

Learn how to make healthy and nutritious overnight oats in 3 simple steps; prepare, create and refrigerate.

P4P6 ECW Sat @ YT

All about the game of Badminton

If you are a beginner in badminton, this course provides you with everything you need to know about the game.

Stag Match – Lego (Intermediate)

This course is LEGO (Intermediate) course. Each Lesson is approx 90 mins. This is a blended learning course.

Create your own Web based APP using WordPress for Beginner

This is a step by step guide to create a free website using WordPress. This is a 60days subscription course. It will expire in 60days.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

This is an Elearning component for Search Engine Marketing Specialist by SMTC (WSQ Level 4).

HR Onboarding

Welcome onboard! This course session will guide you through Stag Match onboarding and HR -related materials.