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Welcome onboard! This course session will guide you through Stag Match onboarding and HR -related materials.

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Unlimited Duration

Last Updated

August 30, 2021

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Nur Atika
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Course Description

HR will guide you through the orientation and onboarding on your first day.


Email access

Starterkit email

Onboarding Checklist

Simtrain access (attendance)

Course Curriculum

    • Company background Unlimited
    • Organisation Chart – SMI Unlimited
    • Organisation Chart – LCO Unlimited
    • Organisation Chart – Advisory Board Unlimited
    • Directory List Unlimited
    • Handbook Unlimited
    • Summary Benefit Unlimited
    • Onboarding Checklist Unlimited
    • Email setup Unlimited
    • Email Signature Unlimited
    • SOP – Hiring Unlimited
    • SOP – Onboarding Unlimited
    • SOP – Leave Application Unlimited
    • SOP – Claims Unlimited
    • SOP – Asset Acquisition Request Form Unlimited
    • SOP – Offboarding Unlimited
    • Claims Form Unlimited
    • Leave Application Form Unlimited
    • Namecard Request Form Unlimited
    • Asset Acquisition Form Unlimited
    • Hiring Request Form Unlimited
    • Exit Interview Form Unlimited
    • Job Application Form Unlimited
    • Equipment and Issue Form Unlimited
    • Sim Train attendance Unlimited

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  1. Mariah Bte Hamid 055DJune 30, 2021 at 8:31 PM

    Feedback and comments


    feedback on Onboarding :
    why pdf file cannot upload onto LCO for SMI
    why LCO org chart no pics of elin and austin and missing roles? 🙂
    why employee handbook pic of me? is handbook applicable for all roles? or are getting an overview one for contractors/interns and part timers?
    nothing on summary benefit
    on LCO signature : to include below title (dept instead of management) and on phone to include main line and QR code is missing
    SOP for Leave, claims, Asset acq, offboarding are missing
    Forms : namecard request not applicable for LCO team. all online, difference with Asset ACq and eqpmt issue form?

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Wong Heqin (786H)
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